Large Smoky Quartz Point Giveaway / Drawing 10 March 2013

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The drawing will be accomplished using a random sequence generator “at some time” on 10 March 2013, and then announced no later than 11:00 PM Pacific on same day.

This is a large and heavy crystal, measuring 3.75” in diameter and 5.75” tall … it weighs in at 3 lbs. 8.125 oz.

This beautiful quartz point is deeply feminine and is naturally smoky. To clarify … it has not been irradiated by artificial means to enhance its dark color. The image was taken in sunlight, so the glistening of the many inner fractures rose above the smoky aspects and the crystal shines amazingly clear. Deep within you will find several inclusions of sweet citrine. There is a chip on the base that serves as a tender reminder that perceived flaws bring beauty to the balance of the whole of our being. This dear one has been housed in a healing room, and as with all crystals that have graced my life, it has been cleansed in the light of every full moon for the duration of our time together.

This is the third giveaway for me, and many have asked how I am able to part with crystals of this quality. I suppose it is time to share a bit of my story. I do not consider my crystals as property. This one, and all others you have seen given here, came to me for varying reasons without cost. I have been blessed by them, and now they journey toward the one for whom they are meant. During the last several years my life has had drastic change within it, and my heart is deeply engrossed in releasing items of great healing out into the ether to find their mark. My personal healing continues and I am once again an active participant in the world. In many ways I am a walking miracle.

When working with crystals I recommend you research their common meaning(s) and then forge a relationship with them that is unique to your personal way of being. My experience with this particular crystal has been one of gentle grounding, and removal of blockages within. The citrine inclusions bring strong recognition of the brighter aspects of living and encouragement to endure. I have fondly called her “The Doctor.”

As always, there is peace for me in giveaway. I wish each of you well. There is certainty the crystal will find the one it seeks.


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